Monday, October 4, 2010

Poor Fast Food World Cup Soccer Team Captain Scooter Guy...

While 'lil Chris pumped fuel next door, I walked into McDonalds for a good-morning-gut-grenade on my way to "work".  A few seconds later, a soccer player (who had obviously ordered enough McMuffins for the entire team) was handed his huge delightful double bag of microwaved McDonalds fattiness.  He left, walked outside, and managed to climb aboard his scooter.  I remember thinking to myself how cool his soccer jersey was, and then my brain started to conjure up random thoughts about the International World Cup of Soccer.  All of these strange thoughts were only magnified by the fact that he climbed aboard a scooter, and drove away with a couple huge bags of McDonalds food.

After waiting 4-5 minutes in a non-moving line, two separate fat-deserving people in front of me left very disgusted (apparently from waiting too long).  Only the 3 greasy people working behind the counter and the World Cup Soccer Team Captain knew exactly how long these frustrated people had been waiting.  So I decided to leave also, empty handed.  And hungry.  But guilt free, at least.

'Lil Chris picked me up outside. We drove out of the parking lot, down the road about a mile, when we came upon the Fast Food World Cup Soccer Scooter Guy pulled over by one of Flor-i-duh's finest.

Now my dreams were shattered, and the whole soccer team's food was getting cold.  Damn cops.

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